217 Boulevard de la Concorde Est
Laval, QC, H7G 2C9


L’école Enkdanse offre des cours de danse pour adultes, ados et enfants à Laval et à Boisbriand. Notre école a pour but de vous transmettre notre passion, nos connaissances et notre amour de la danse. Nous vous invitons à profiter de nos beaux studios de danse lumineux avec air climatisé, planchers en bois, grands miroirs, systèmes de son de qualité, salles de bains et zones d'attente.


Belly Dance Laval

Belly Dance is traditionally practiced by women. The artform express their femininity, vitality, but also their feelings, their joys and sorrows. There are a variety of oriental dance styles styles, depending on the country of origin as well as multiple emerging fusions. In general, the dance is characterized by the separation of parts of the body (insolation) that can move independently of each other. This art consists of both staccato rhythms and slow, fluid movements. Sometimes dancers will use accessories such as a veil (or two or even more), wings of Isis (folded web), a cane (Saadi: a parody of the men's dance (rasq Tahtib) with their canes), the melaya leff (High fabric separated in the middle by an embroidery and decorated with gold or silver glitter) of finger cymbals, or Shamadan (candelabra worn on the head) ...

Contrary to what one might think, Oriental dance is not limited to the movements of the pelvis. Indeed, it is seeking flexibility and tone the bust, shoulders, arms, hands, pelvis and abdomen. It tones the thighs, relaxes the joints and develops core muscles which in turn support healthy posture. Some large movements require high flexibility of the back, but the key lies in muscle contraction, so that one can practice this dance at any age within the limits of each dancer. Oriental dance is not a cabaret dance; it is also a sacred dance.