217 Boulevard de la Concorde Est
Laval, QC, H7G 2C9


L’école Enkdanse offre des cours de danse pour adultes, ados et enfants à Laval et à Boisbriand. Notre école a pour but de vous transmettre notre passion, nos connaissances et notre amour de la danse. Nous vous invitons à profiter de nos beaux studios de danse lumineux avec air climatisé, planchers en bois, grands miroirs, systèmes de son de qualité, salles de bains et zones d'attente.

Mother child



This course is for children who are too young yet to take classes on their own, therefore more than 18 months and less than 3 years, but who wants to move while learning rhythm and musicality with the help of their mother. It is an entertaining and cheerful session for both on children's music.

Come and try it Saturday morning from 10-11h am at Cadenza studio in Vimont.




This course with baby (3-18 months), without jumps, is specially designed for new mothers who wants to regain shape after childbirth. A cardiovascular period in the form of aerobic and / or circuit followed by a period of functional muscle where the emphasis is on your muscles of the back, your abdominal muscles and your pelvic floor. Your baby can also participate with you in a baby carrier and be an integral part of the bodybuilding and even Zumba. A moment of beautiful complicity with your baby that unites pleasure and workout.

Come and try the PILATES on Tuesday morning from 11-11h45 am and ZUMBA on Thursday from 11h-11h45 am at Concorde Studio.