217 Boulevard de la Concorde Est
Laval, QC, H7G 2C9


L’école Enkdanse offre des cours de danse pour adultes, ados et enfants à Laval et à Boisbriand. Notre école a pour but de vous transmettre notre passion, nos connaissances et notre amour de la danse. Nous vous invitons à profiter de nos beaux studios de danse lumineux avec air climatisé, planchers en bois, grands miroirs, systèmes de son de qualité, salles de bains et zones d'attente.



The Fitness card includes all of these classes to get in better shape at a very low cost and
you do not lose any course or money if you miss any because these are courses ¨à la carte¨ :


Are you ready to get in shape? Forget boring old aerobics classes and let yourself be carried away by the beat in the world's first ever dance-fitness program! Our Zumba classes in Laval will motivate you with the exotic Latin and international rhythms and, before you know it, you'll find yourself in better shape and full of energy! It's easy, efficient and, most importantly, really fun! 


Cardio Around the World is a course of shaping inspired by the traditional and urban dances of 5 continents. The objective is to strengthen every in-depth muscles, to firm up the body, to sweat to clean the pores of the skin and take out toxin of the body, lose some fat, and it is true by dancing and being transport by the music of the world.

You will have the impression to dance on the beaches of Brazil, to Copa Cabana, in the Peruvian Amazonia, in the streets of Bahia with his percussionists, in the African savanna, with gnawas in Morocco or still with Indian stars of Bollywood!!

The course of Cardio Around the World uses several methods and techniques of dance diversified to make work each party of your body on its maximum. So, you will have Brazilian's beautiful buttocks, muscular legs of Senegalese with dancers' abdominal muscle of Baladi... Isn't great?!

Invite all your friends, the course is opened to 15 years old and up. You do not need a base in dance to attend this class and it's part of your Fitness card along with ZUMBA and Pilates.

with Jade Gabrielle


This dynamic and efficient muscle toning method uses resistance to firm-up your whole body. Each course offers 45 mins of repetition and endurance exercises focusing on your abdominal, glut and thigh muscles.