217 Boulevard de la Concorde Est
Laval, QC, H7G 2C9


L’école Enkdanse offre des cours de danse pour adultes, ados et enfants à Laval et à Boisbriand. Notre école a pour but de vous transmettre notre passion, nos connaissances et notre amour de la danse. Nous vous invitons à profiter de nos beaux studios de danse lumineux avec air climatisé, planchers en bois, grands miroirs, systèmes de son de qualité, salles de bains et zones d'attente.


Urban Dance

Urban dance is very rhythmic and is popular with children and young adults! Does your child have a ton of energy to burn? Urban dance is dynamic and develops the student's rhythm, attitude and precision.

Hip Hop / Break 1 (6-9 years): This technical, educational and colorful course will give the student a solid foundation and a good start. Mixing the basic moves of Break Dancing including: Freeze, Top Rocks, Hand stands, Down Rocks (Footworks) and several basic movements of Hip Hop.  This course is lots of sweat and lots of fun. This class will give your child the tools to develop all the necessary skills to become a versatile urban dancer in the future.


Hip Hop / Break 2 (10-13 years): In addition to learning basic Break Dancing, Hip Hop and new jack swing (former Hip Hop 80s), this class takes it up a notch by pushing your children's learning in terms of coordination and strength and introduces power moves. This level of dance will give your child more confidence and personal understanding of dance movement, your child will become a more complete urban dancer with a strong base of technique and acrobatics.


House / New Style / Pop & Lock (15 years +): This is a very interesting and technical course for those who want to develop several dance styles. Mixing Chicago-style House dance, which became very popular in the 80s and is back in fashion more and more in recent years, with the basics of popping, locking and Hip Hop / New Style. This class will give you a push if you want to strengthen your core and raise your skill as a dancer & Urban dancer. One thing is certain, this class is high energy and will definitely make you sweat!